Leave Management

Sick Leave:
Full-time employees receive 10 sick leave days per school year. Employees hired past the start of the school year will receive a prorated number of sick leave days for that year. 
Part-time employees are not eligible to receive sick leave.
Once an employee misses 4 consecutive days of work, a doctor’s note is required prior to their return to work. 
Once an employee misses 10 consecutive days of work, an FMLA packet must be completed. 

Extended Leave:
Full-time employees shall receive 90 days of extended sick leave during each 6 year period of employment.
Extended Leave can only be used after all regular sick leave is used. 
Extended sick leave six year period and balance shall transfer with the employee from one Louisiana public school to another.
Extended sick leave shall pay 65% of the employee salary starting at the time extended sick leave begins
Request for Extended Leave Form

Maternity Leave:

While on maternity leave, regular sick leave will be used prior to the use of extended sick leave.
An FMLA packet and request for extended leave form must be completed prior to maternity leave.
FMLA Packet 
Request for Extended Leave Form

The Superintendent may grant sabbatical leave for the purpose of professional or cultural improvement or for medical leave to all teaching personnel in accordance with statutory provisions.
Sabbatical leave may be granted on the ratio of two (2) semesters for twelve (12) or more consecutive semesters of active service within the employ of the School Board or one (1) semester for six (6) or more consecutive semesters of such service.
Applications shall be sent to the Superintendent at least sixty (60) days preceding the beginning of the semester of the scholastic year for which leave is requested.
A teacher granted sabbatical leave shall be paid compen­sation at the rate of sixty-five percent (65%) of the person's salary at the time the sabbatical leave begins

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA):

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) entitles eligible employees to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons.
FMLA packet for own serious illness
FMLA packet for immediate family member 

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