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All employees, full-time and substitute employees receive a paycheck once a month via direct deposit. 
          Full-time employee payroll - 25th of each month
          Substitute payroll - 12th of each month 
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Direct Deposit Change:
To change your direct deposit account information, complete an Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposits form and return it to the school board office or email to [email protected]. A voided check or Direct Deposit form from your bank MUST be included. You may be contacted by phone to verify the change requested. 

Tax Withholding Changes:

To make changes to your state tax withholding complete form L-4. To make changes to your federal tax withholding complete form W-4. Return completed form(s) to the school board office, or by email to [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions;
When do I receive supplemental payment for coaching?
-Supplemental pay for CECP coaches happens one time at the end of the sports season. Timesheets must be submitted to the school's athletic director at the end of the season.
-Coaching pay for full-time employees is divided and paid with the regular monthly payroll.

How is substitute pay calculated?
-Substitute pay rates are determined by each substitute's qualifications, and by the positions that the substitute worked each day.  Each month's substitute payroll will include the days that were worked in the prior month.