St. James Parish Choice Program

Partnership with Supplemental Course Academy (SCA)


Inspiring Hope and Purpose is the vision of the St. James Parish Schools.   We believe children succeed when they are inspired by a purpose that engages their inner strength to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.

Under the leadership of Superintendent Alonzo “Lonnie” Luce, the St. James Parish Schools created a series of comprehensive “Academic Choice” programs coordinated by the Virtual Academy staff.    This innovative approach delivers quality education programs within the Course Choice paradigm:

  • Career and Technical Center
  • Dual Enrollment Courses
  • The Virtual Academy on-line courses



St. James’ Choice provides a focus and series of supports not offered by other approved vendors because unlike private companies, the St. James School System has a long history of educating Louisiana children.  This experience guides our service model by integrating the latest technology that provides the curriculum, while proactively monitoring and supporting each enrolled student.  Our Progress Coaches work with students and their “home” schools to ensure success.  Further, our administrative staff is led by a former principal with over 20 years of educational experience. 

Choice programs

Career and Technology

  • 12 Courses
  • Partnerships with Community College

Dual Enrollment

  • 19 Courses
  • Partnerships with Community Colleges

Virtual Courses

  • 126 Courses
  • Enrollment Coordination
  • Progress Coaches
  • College and Career Areas of Study
    • Foreign Language
    • Mathematics
    • Sciences
    • English
    • Social Sciences
    • Fine Arts
    • Health
    • Physical Education
  • CLEP test coordination

St. James’s Choice uses its proven, learner-centric approach with your students that cannot be matched by for-profit vendors.  We use our experience with students, course coaches with enrollees, and personal connections with other Louisiana districts to provide the best and most affordable choice in our state.

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