Submitting a Charter School Proposal

St. James Parish School Board Guidelines and Required Forms & Documentation for Submission of a Charter Proposal

Authorizer:  St. James Parish School Board – 2013 Applications

In compliance with R.S.3982, the St. James Parish School Board is making public through our website, and in printed form upon request, the guidelines for submitting a charter proposal, all forms required for submission of a charter proposal, the timelines established for accepting and reviewing charter proposals, the process that will be used to review charter proposals submitted to the board, and the name and contact information for a primary point of contact for charter proposals.

St. James Parish School Board Guidelines and Required Forms & Documentation for Submission of a Charter Proposal:

I.            Charter School Application

II.           Charter School Process Schedule

III.         Charter School Contact Information 

I.               Charter School Application

  1. District Charter School Application (PDF)

*Please note thefollowing exception – The St. James Parish School Board requires that Type 3 applications are submitted with documented stakeholder approval of the Charter School. Stakeholder approval requires at least 50% of the current stakeholders from each group of stakeholders (students, parents, and teachers) to be in favor of the Charter Application.


Please utilize the attached instructions model process instructions.


All staff votes for converting a traditional public school to a public charter school should be transparent and fair and should accurately represent the opinion of school staff. The Department of Education has developed the following model process that districts may assign to all groups interested in applying for a Type 3 charter school. The model process respects the fact that every community is different and that local groups should be empowered to customize the process in a way that works for their community, assuming it meets the basic criteria for a fair and open process.



II.             Charter School Process Schedule

  • August 5, 2013 – District Releases Charter Applications
  • August 27, 2013 – Letter of Intent Due (file: Letter of Intent Form)      
    • Potential Charter School Applicants should notify the St. James Parish School Board of its intention to submit an application by sending a notification to:

St. James ParishSchool Board

Attention: RhondaLee

P.O. Box 338

Lutcher, LA 70071

  • September 27, 2013 – Application due with letter from the Justice Department
  • December 31, 2013 – Deadline for School Board to make decision to Approve or Deny Charter Application:  Agenda Item at School Board Meeting

III.       CharterSchool Contact Information

2013 -2014 Charter Application
St. James Parish Public Schools has received a Charter School Application from Greater Grace Charter Academy, Inc.  The application may be viewed by clicking on this  link.