St. James Parish School Board 2017 District Charter School Application Process
for Schools Opening in the 2018-19 School Year or Beyond

Forms and Information Needed for Submission of a Type 1 or Type 3 Charter School Proposal

In compliance with R.S. 17:3982, the St. James Parish School Board is making public through our website, and in printed form upon request, the guidelines for submitting a charter proposal, all forms required for submission of a charter proposal, the timelines established for accepting and reviewing charter proposals, the process that will be used to review charter proposals submitted to the board, and the name and contact information for a primary point of contact for charter proposals.

I. Charter School Application

Applicants must complete a Letter of Intent by February 6

Applicants should complete the  Common Charter School Application found

The common application requires applicants to complete four documents – a charter proposal written in response to the questions posed in the common application, and a finances template, an eligibility form, and an overview template.  Links to the latter three documents are embedded within the common charter application.

II. Charter School Process Schedule

  • January 6, 2017: District Releases Charter Application
  • February  24, 2017: Applications due

Applicants should email to four common charter school application documents found at the link above – a charter proposal, a finances template, an eligibility form, and an overview template.

  • June 1, 2017: Deadline for School Board to make decision to approve or deny charter applications

III. Charter Application Review Process

All charter applications will be reviewed by an independent evaluator with educational, organizational, legal, and financial expertise.  Applicants will have the opportunity to provide to the evaluator a written response to the independent evaluation of their charter application before the evaluator provides a final recommendation to St. James Parish School Board.

IV. Charter School Contact Information

Individuals or organizations with questions about the district's charter application process should contact:

Rhonda Lee, Supervisor

V.  Detailed Timeline for Charter Applicants to St. James Parish



 February 6

Letter of Intent - Must be submitted by email to Rhonda Lee ( by 3:00 pm.

February 24

Charter applications are due by 3:00 pm. Applicants must submit the four components by email to Rhonda Lee ( in a PDF file:

 March 6

An electronic copy of the completed Charter School Application will be posted on the district’s Charter School website.

March 6 – April 6

Application reviewed by third party evaluator.

April 7

Third party evaluator provides district with feedback/recommendations.

April 10

The District provides applicant with a draft recommendation from the third-party evaluator in addition to detailed feedback from the evaluator.

April 14

Applicants submit the following to Rhonda Lee ( in digital format (PDF):

  • A revised overview (same template as in March 7th submission)
  • An amendment and / or response to the evaluator’s draft recommendation, directed to the evaluator. See Amendment/Response Guidelines for more details. PLEASE DISREGARD THE DATES IN THE DOCUMENT. THE DATE FOR SUBMISSION TO THE DISTRICT IS APRIL 10.

If nothing in the overview template has changed since March 7th, applicants may re-submit the original overview template.

April 17-21

Third Party Evaluators review clarifications.

April 25

The District provides applicants with the official recommendation from the third-party evaluator.

April 25

The official recommendation from the third-party evaluator is presented to the St. James Parish School Board as an AR (Administrative Report).
Public Hearing prior to Board Meeting.

May 9

The St. James Parish School Board will make the decision to approve or deny the applicants’ application.

Posted December 15, 2016

March 6, 2015 - Greater Grace Charter Academy Application
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